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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Guidelines”) are applicable to all services (“services”) provided or coordinated by Get Glossy Limited (“we”, “our”, or “Get Glossy”) to you, the client or user, and recipient of the services(“you”).


1.1 These Guidelines oversee your interaction with the website and our associated applications (jointly referred to as the “Platform”) or any alternative website or application for accessing our services as specified by us, your relationship with Get Glossy, and all services we provide to you, whether via the Platform or otherwise. By using the Platform or the services, you agree to these Guidelines, which will govern the contract between you and us (the “Contract”).

1.2 Please note, these Guidelines solely pertain to the direct provision of services by us to you, specifically enabling you to schedule appointments and other events (“Appointments”) with our affiliated mobile beauty therapists (“Mobile Therapists”) (the “Service Providers”). These Guidelines do not cover your participation in an Appointment listed on the Platform.

1.3 Get Glossy facilitates the arrangement of beauty therapy appointments between Therapists and clients (the “User”). The Therapist delivers beauty treatments (the “Therapist services”). Both User and Therapist recognize that Get Glossy is a technology service provider and does not organize beauty therapy sessions or act as a representative for Therapists. The Therapist is answerable for the precision of their listing information and any data given to Get Glossy about an Appointment. The Therapist will be liable to the User if the listing or any related written material is misleading, incomplete, or incorrect. The Therapist’s liability may include compensating reasonable losses incurred by the User due to such misinformation, and they may be required to pay damages for misrepresentation or breach of contract. The Therapist acknowledges that their provision of Therapist services creates a direct business relationship with the User, independent of Get Glossy. Get Glossy is not liable for User or Therapist actions or inactions concerning Therapist services.

1.4 This Contract is with you, the services user, and you are accountable for ensuring that anyone attending an Appointment with you or on your behalf (an “Authorized Individual”) abides by this Contract and the Appointment Agreements. You accept responsibility for the conduct of any Authorized Individual.

1.5 We reserve the right to modify these Guidelines. Any changes will be posted on the Platform. You may terminate this Contract if you do not agree to the amendments, but by continuing to use the Platform or services, you are deemed to have accepted the updated terms.


  1. Registration and Account Management

2.1 While registration isn’t mandatory to access the Platform, you must register and have an account (“Account”) to book an Appointment.

2.2 Registration or booking requires your name, address, valid email, and payment details. Any personal data provided is subject to our privacy obligations as outlined in our privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) at, forming part of this Contract.

2.3 A valid email is necessary for booking confirmations and related communication. We are not liable for non-receipt of information due to invalid email addresses. Please update us promptly if your email address changes.

2.4 Breach of this Contract may lead to account suspension or closure, restricting access to the Platform and Offerings.


  1. Booking and Payment Process

3.1 To book an Appointment, review its details and any specific Appointment Agreements. You will be required to pay the fee charged by the Service Provider for the Appointment (“Appointment Fee”).

3.2 The agreement for services at an Appointment is between you and the Service Provider. While we facilitate bookings, we are not liable beyond information detailed in these terms and conditions.

3.3 Upon payment and acceptance of Appointment Agreements, your booking is confirmed, entering a binding agreement with the Service Provider. A confirmation email (“Confirmation Email”) will be sent to you.

3.4 For queries post-Confirmation Email, contact the Get Glossy Team at by replying to your booking confirmation.


  1. Appointment Guidelines

4.1 The Platform is a medium for advertising Appointments, and our responsibility is limited to administering bookings and processing payments on behalf of the Service Provider.

4.2 While we strive for quality, we offer no guarantee regarding an Appointment’s suitability or accuracy of details provided by the Service Provider.

4.3 Post-booking confirmation, our obligations to you regarding the Appointment are fulfilled, and responsibility lies with the Service Provider.

  1. Complaints and Dispute Resolution

5.1 For disputes with a Service Provider, attempt resolution during the Appointment. If a refund agreement is reached, inform us within 24 hours for confirmation with the Provider.

5.2 Report complaints within 24 hours of the Appointment to, providing visual evidence where possible.

5.3 In cases where we hold funds for a Provider, we may facilitate refunds on their behalf but are not obligated to offer compensation.

5.4 Appointment Fees are released to Providers within 30 days of appointment completion. Complaints post-payment release may not result in financial compensation or refund.

5.5 Unsubstantiated complaints or non-cooperation may lead to the release of the Appointment Fee to the Provider.


  1. Cancellation and Termination Policy

6.1 Provider-initiated cancellations will result in a refund of the Appointment Fee.

6.2 Refunds are processed as follows:

  • Full refund for cancellations 24 hours or more before the Appointment.
  • 50% refund for cancellations 12-24 hours before the Appointment.
  • Cancellations less than 12 hours prior or no-shows are non-refundable.

6.3 Last-minute bookings (less than 12 hours) allow a 20-minute grace period for free amendments, after which standard cancellation terms apply.

6.4 Refunds for disputes under clause 5 are the responsibility of the Provider.


  1. Your Requirements and Restrictions

7.1 You are required to:

7.1.1 Adhere to and comply with the Appointment Conditions.

7.1.2 Treat the Provider and their property with appropriate respect.

7.1.3 Avoid any behaviour during the Appointment that is offensive, inappropriate, rude, unlawful, or distressing to others; this includes but is not limited to behaviours such as sexually suggestive actions or comments, excessive alcohol consumption, drug use, or other types of improper conduct.

7.1.4 Ensure the accuracy of the information you provide to us and keep your details, including your email address, current and correct.

7.1.5 Commit to following health and safety guidelines in relation to your appointments to guarantee the safest possible environment for both you and your therapist.

7.1.6 Refrain from interactions with the Provider that could negatively impact the business or reputation of Get Glossy or adversely affect our relationship with a Provider.

7.1.7 Avoid direct contact with a Provider before receiving a Confirmation Email confirming your booking.

7.1.8 Refrain from directly soliciting additional beauty services from a Provider.

7.1.9 Use the Website in a manner consistent with these Terms and in a way that does not negatively affect the reputation of Get Glossy or the use and enjoyment of the Website or our Services by other users or third parties;

7.1.10 Where relevant, provide only credit or debit card details for which you are the sole account holder.

7.1.11 Create a safe environment for the treatment to be conducted.

7.2 Be aware that failure to provide a safe treatment environment may result in personal liability to the Mobile Therapist.


  1. Therapist Requirements and Restrictions

The Therapist is required to:

8.1.1 Deliver the Therapist Services in line with this Agreement and the Get Glossy Etiquette and Hygiene Guides, which are available upon request.

8.1.2 Ensure all treatments or services provided at an Appointment are of premium quality, conform to industry standards, and are appropriate for their intended purpose; also, adhere closely to health and safety guidelines to ensure the safest possible treatment environment for both the therapist and the recipient.

8.1.3 Consistently represent the Get Glossy brand while providing Therapist Services, using only Get Glossy branded uniform or equipment if provided.

8.1.4 Disclose all relevant health and safety information to Users.

8.1.5 Provide the Therapist Services with reasonable skill and care.

8.1.6 Keep their availability information updated on the Website throughout the term of this Agreement.

8.1.7 Honor all User bookings, subject to the cancellation policy outlined in the User Terms.

8.1.8 Arrive at the Appointment location on time.

8.1.9 Stay at the Appointment location for at least 20 minutes after the scheduled start time before considering the Appointment as having been cancelled by the User.

8.1.10 Perform the Therapist Services at the Appointment as described on the Website listing.

8.1.11 Ensure all information provided to the Company about the Therapist and the Therapist Services for inclusion on the Website is accurate and not misleading.

8.1.12 Interact with all Users professionally and courteously, in a manner that does not damage Get Glossy’s reputation.

8.1.13 Address all User queries relating to an Appointment or booking promptly and satisfactorily.

8.1.14 Avoid directly soliciting appointments from Get Glossy Users.

8.1.15 Aim to resolve any disputes related to an Appointment, taking necessary actions to reach a satisfactory conclusion promptly, enabling the User to fulfil their booking.

8.2 Throughout the provision of Therapist Services, the Therapist shall always represent Get Glossy, not promoting their own contact details, social media handles, or any other marketing materials to the User before, during, or after the Appointment.

8.3 The Therapist commits to the Company that, during the term of this Agreement and for 12 months following its termination, they will not directly or indirectly engage in activities detailed in clauses 8.3.1 to 8.3.4, related to employment, engagement, solicitation, or interference with certain individuals, firms, or companies associated with the Company as outlined in clause 15 in the consultancy agreement.


9 Termination and Suspension

9.1 We may suspend your Account at any time for breaching this Agreement. Similarly, if you have not registered, we may suspend your access to the Website or Services for suspected Agreement breaches.

9.2 Suspension of your Account or Website access may lead to a refusal to provide Services, including booking rights. Attempts to bypass suspension through new account creation may result in the termination of this Agreement and any existing accounts.

9.3 We may terminate this Agreement and your Account for any of the following reasons:

9.3.1 Breach of any term of this Agreement.

9.3.2 Suspicion of an impending Agreement breach.

9.3.3 Insolvency or suspected insolvency.

9.4 Upon termination, you will lose access to our Services and booking capabilities.

9.5 If termination occurs while you have pre-paid bookings, we may issue refunds at our discretion.


  1. Your Liability and Indemnity

10.1 You agree to indemnify us against any claims, legal proceedings, or losses arising from:

10.1.1 Your breach of this Agreement.

10.1.2 Your violation of the Appointment Conditions.

10.1.3 Your actions in relation to the Services, the Website, the Appointment, or any booking.


  1. Our Liability

11.1 We will not be liable for any indirect losses incurred through our services or this Agreement, except in cases of fraud, intentional concealment, or theft.

11.2 Our liability does not extend to issues from your interactions with any Provider or from an Appointment.

11.3 Our liability to you for all losses under this Agreement is limited to the management fee we receive from your bookings.

11.4 Claims against us related to this Agreement cannot be made more than 12 months after the related Appointment.

11.5 Our liability for death, personal injury, or fraudulent misrepresentation remains unaffected.

11.6 The exclusions of liability are considered reasonable, given our limited role in Appointment and booking management.


  1. General

12.1 Each party confirms its authority to enter into the Agreement.

12.2 By agreeing to this Agreement, you also accept our Privacy Policy, available on our website.

12.3 Notices shall be sent via recorded delivery, post, fax, or email to the addresses specified at the start of this Agreement or as subsequently notified.

12.4 The Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 does not apply to this Agreement.

12.5 We may assign or subcontract our obligations under this Agreement.

12.6 Obligations may be suspended in the event of national emergencies, war, or other uncontrollable circumstances.

12.7 This Agreement, including the Privacy Policy, represents the full agreement between the parties.

12.8 If any provision of this Agreement is deemed unlawful, the rest remains valid and enforceable.

12.9 Delay in enforcing any part of this Agreement does not constitute a waiver of any rights.

12.10 Headings are for reference only and do not define the Agreement’s terms.

12.11 This Agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales, and disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Privacy and Data Protection

Your privacy is paramount. All personal and other information collected through the Platform will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available at