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Picture this: The sun dipping below the horizon, casting a warm glow over Brighton’s iconic seafront. Inside the Grand Hotel, elegant chandeliers illuminate plush furnishings, and sweeping views of the English Channel set the stage for a memorable evening.

Now, let’s rewind a bit. My good friend was celebrating her 40th birthday at this very hotel. She turned to me with a request: “Can you find someone to come to my hotel room to do my hair and makeup?”

Challenge accepted. I scrolled through endless lists of salons, made calls, and sent emails. But alas, no makeup artist or hairdresser was available. Undeterred, I became the impromptu glam squad. Armed with brushes, curling irons, and a dash of creativity, I turned her into a vision of fabulousness.


As I styled her hair and applied makeup, It got me thinking that everyone should have access to this kind of service. What about other visitors to Brighton celebrating their milestones?

Enter Get Glossy. Born out of necessity, we’re here to bring the salon experience directly to hotel rooms and homes. Whether it’s a bride preparing for her wedding, a birthday celebration, or a special night out, we’re there to pamper, beautify, and create memories.

Our journey so far has been exciting. Alongside individual treatments, we’ve been part of weddings, hen parties, corporate events, and pamper parties. Seeing clients enjoy using our services brings me so much joy!

So, if you find yourself in Brighton, celebrating life’s moments, remember that Get Glossy is here to make you feel fabulous.